150 years later, isn’t it time?

The church honors God when it takes a lead role in doing what is right and just. Tragically, the church that multiplied across the South during the Second Great Awakening struggled deeply with that calling – and ultimately rejected it. Instead of challenging the culture, the church “wed” the society, adopting its harmful attitudes. The church proclaimed slavery as “good,” pushed for Civil War and, afterward, continued to advocate against racial and gender justice.

It all started when people settling the South in the early 1800s embraced a dual mindset. Many declared, “Jesus is Lord.” Most agreed, “Cotton is king.” Who would have thought a plant yielding such a soft, delicate fiber would become the cause of tremendous greed, dehumanization and bloodguilt?

Who would have thought we’d still be dealing with the fallout today? Now 150 years after the Civil War, the Body of Christ remains in bondage to an unholy covenant that Christian Southerners established with the Confederacy.  Until we repent for the unrighteous seeds of greed, pride, immorality, division, hatred and fear that were sown in the past, the US church will never reach its full potential and our nation will never fully heal.

“We can’t undo the past. But we can repeat the past. Indeed, we do repeat it –  until we take the hard look back and make the courageous changes needed to redeem the past.”  It’s time. We Confess!

Meet our leadership team

We Confess! film Team

Miller Bargeron Jr., Deborah Brunt, Dr. Venessa Battle

Miller Bargeron, Jr., director and producer for the documentary and Managing Partner of We Came to Conquer Entertainment, LLC, has won international awards for his documentary film, Stubborn As a Mule, which also explores the themes of racial justice and healing.

Deborah Brunt, author of We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church, is co-producer of the “We Confess …” documentary. Learn more about Deborah at keytruths.com.

Dr. Venessa Battle, pastor of New Gate International Church and president of Kingdom Culture Ministries, Inc., is adviser for the project.  Kingdom Culture Ministries is serving as fiscal Sponsor for the project.  See information about making nontaxable donations below. Learn more about Venessa here.

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Invest in this important film

Hello!  I’m Miller Bargeron. It’s an honor to direct and produce “We Confess…” a documentary film based on the book We Confess! The Civil War, The South, and The Church, by Deborah Brunt.

The goal of this film is to help illuminate our unresolved past that is hiding in plain sight, so we can heal as a nation and a body of believers. Through “We Confess,” we believe that true reconciliation will start and lives will be changed.

Therefore, we need your financial help to bring this project to fruition. This is a powerful project that can help change the world, and every financial seed sown will get us closer to the goal.

Nontaxable donations can be made through Kingdom Culture Ministries, Inc., a non-denominational Christian ministry designed to help people in the body of Christ live a transformed lifestyle which will bring glory and honor to God. Kingdom Culture Ministries, led by Dr. Venessa Battle, affirms that in God’s Kingdom true righteousness always seeks and upholds justice, and true “justice for all” hinges on godly inner attitudes and transformed hearts.

Two ways to donate

Give online on the “We Confess Film” donation page at Kingdom Culture Ministries.  

Send a check or money order to Kingdom Culture Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 2156, Lilburn, GA 30048. Be sure to designate the gift for the “We Confess” film.

Thank you in advance and God bless.

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